Setting the highest standards in high-end audio

Cables are a fundamental part of any high-end hi-fi system. The audio signal chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in many cases that is the cable. At Crystal Cable we believe that cables should be transparent and neutral, so the signal arrives completely intact. Only in this way can music be completely and realistically reproduced, giving the full majesty of a live performance.

To this end, we have designed a manufacturing process that takes into account the subtleties that come into play when making audio cables, to ensure excellence in all aspects of the creation and fabrication of our cables. Every aspect of our manufacturing process has consequences for the musical performance of the cables that we produce. With this in mind, the pursuit of perfection through superior construction is at the heart of every cable we make.

The invaluable skill of craftsmanship

Given the importance of cables to audio systems, ours are hand-made by our skilled production engineers in the Netherlands. However advanced technology may become, it cannot surpass the skills of an expert craftsman. Hand-crafting audio cables is highly labor-intensive and intricate work. Over time, this delicate skill has become an endangered one. But not at Crystal Cable, where this hasn’t just been preserved and nurtured, but also further developed and refined over time to deliver consistent and unparalleled quality. Our standard of excellence is embodied in every one of our products.

Naturally, our manufacturing process is significantly based on the human skills of our expert teams, who are equipped with the most advanced and innovative machinery and other equipment to support them. The production engineers working in our cutting-edge workshop are trained according to strict criteria. They take into account every single detail to achieve superlative results in terms of musical performance, durability, reliability and aesthetic beauty. All elements of our cables are hand-finished, involving a series of specialist techniques and crafts that aim to find the ultimate balance between sonic performance and aesthetic beauty, making our cables marvels of modern engineering.

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Sourcing, testing and quality control

It goes without saying that every material we use for the production of our cables is sourced according to the very highest standards. As part of our quality assurance and control process, they are thoroughly hand-tested before entering the manufacturing stage. Additionally, during this process, the materials are tested again by our production engineers before using them. After a cable is finished, the production engineer performs various tests to guarantee its quality. After this process is finished, an expert quality engineer performs these tests again before the cable leaves our workshop. All this ensures that our cables function as flawlessly as their aesthetic appearance.

Decades of research and passion: combining technology with lifestyle

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Cables that perform a lifetime

Our cables are famously reliable and durable, and we treat every cable that leaves our workshop as an ambassador for the quality that we strive to deliver. The cables are manufactured to function as faithfully as possible – today, tomorrow and into the future. So there is no limit to how long they keep performing, and they can be handed down from one generation to the next, with sound quality improving over time.

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