A complex system of hearing

The human sense of hearing is a profound one, so any high-end hi-fi system that reproduces music needs to be equally well developed. That is why science and engineering are top priorities at Crystal Cable. Our research and development department has amassed a vast amount of knowledge on metallurgical properties, audio cable construction and acoustic engineering over the past decades. As a result, we have been able to introduce numerous innovations in cable design, loudspeaker performance and amplifier construction over the years. To reproduce sound is one thing, but to connect the listener to the beauty of music is another – and requires extensive scientific and engineering expertise.

Innovation as a continuous process

Our goal is to get as close to the experience of a live musical performance as possible. Constant innovation is required to move towards this goal. This drive to innovate is firmly embedded in our engineering process and culture.

Innovations set the standards in high-end audio. We constantly innovate our products to improve their performance and design. Every Crystal Cable product is known for its elegant appearance and flawless finish, as well as being renowned for its clarity of concept, advanced technology and engineering excellence. We do our own research, develop our own proprietary materials and create distinctive solutions that deliver genuinely ground-breaking performance. Even for our entry-level series, innovations used in our flagship cable series are used to ensure the best possible performance at different price ranges.


The full picture

Although Crystal Cable began exclusively as a high-end cable brand in 2004, our unique and innovative research and development team is capable of engineering entire high-end audio systems. There are just a few companies that apply predictive engineering to truly optimize a loudspeaker for multiple room situations. The complex enclosures of our loudspeakers are designed using an exclusive simulation software: Comsol. This software is also used by NASA, Boeing and many other industry-leading companies and applied by our engineers to analyze and predict acoustic and mechanical behavior.

The complex enclosures of our speakers are designed using exclusive Comsol simulation software, also used by NASA, Boeing and other industry-leading companies. It is applied by our engineers to analyze and predict acoustic and mechanical behavior. By designing and manufacturing high-end audio cables, loudspeakers, electronics and a subwoofer we are one of the few high-end audio brands capable of producing complete audio systems. This in turn allows us to maximize the synergy between the components, using the same high tech materials in all our products. Crystal Cable quality is delivered across our entire range.

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A passion for music and engineering

International Audio Holding, the globally renowned company behind the prolific brands Siltech and Crystal Cable, has its roots firmly in the landscape of Dutch engineering. Ever since our foundation, our passion for music and engineering has resulted in exceptional audio cables, and an unceasing desire to push the boundaries of science in high fidelity sound reproduction.

Crystal Cable’s main criterion is the faithful recreation of great musical performances, reproduced as vividly and realistically as possible. However, engineering an audio system that does so requires cutting-edge science and engineering expertise. That’s why passion for both music and engineering is so crucial in our journey. In high-end audio, one is nothing without the other.

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