Magical Musical Summer

It was a beautiful, sometimes hot, sometimes wet and cold summer.
Turbulent, with forest fires and heat waves, but also with big storms.
The Dutch cabinet has fallen, the Four-Day Walk has been completed again.

In music land AND in audio land, a lot of things happened, too.

The High End Show in Munich was a great success, four days full of HiFi celebration with friends, colleagues, enthusiastic visitors, new innovative products - and above all music, lots of music.

We were able to attend fantastic concerts, at home and abroad.
We also saw great variety in different music genres happen around us.

We went to a superb concert by Yevgeny Kissin in Amare, The Hague.
What boundless energy, what blistering passion - Bach, Mozart, Chopin and an hour-long tribute to Rachmaninoff filled the beautiful concert hall.
One of the greatest pianists of our time - he treated the frenzied listeners in a sold-out hall to as many as 4 encores.

Bruce Springsteen made a long, extensive European Tour, with 3 concerts in the Netherlands - a great artist enjoyed by many tens of thousands of people.
Some fans - like one of our colleagues - traveled after him in order to experience as many live events as possible.

Then the wonderful, emotional farewell concert of Elton John - what an experience it had to be....

As the pinnacle of our music summer, we got to experience a very special event: in a heat wave-struck Athens, hearing Lang Lang play in 40+ degrees among 5,000 people, with the Athens State Orchestra.

The venue made this experience truly magical, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
We sat enchanted in the Theater Odeon of Herodes Atticus, just below the Acropolis, in a 3000+ year old, gigantic amphitheater, listening to Grieg and Tchaikovsky, among crickets and birds, on ancient marble benches.
This was truly an indescribable evening - the atmosphere, the music, the sense of antiquity....

Incredibly recharged, we said goodbye to Athens - well with our noses pressed to the facts of reality, driving past the developing forest fires on the way to the airport....

What a summer it has become.

August was dominated by Audio Shows in Asia: Taipei and Hong Kong on the same weekend.
Not very practical, but with our growing team we were able to attend both venues.

And what a great experience it was.

Enthusiastic crowds, after Covid for the first time there were exhibitors and visitors from all over the world again, lots of news, lots of young people and lots of live music!

In Taipei one of our dealers played violin between loudspeakers, in Hong Kong we were able to enjoy the great drum band again, so characteristic in the 20 years of existence of this show.

The magic of this summer can be summed up in one word: Music.

Music in all its aspects: to listen to, to make music yourself, to bring to the listener via HiFi

 But above all to enjoy 


Written by
Gabi Rynveld
Founder of Crystal Cable

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