Future Dream 22 cables

Martin Leung from AudioTechnique has reviewed Future Dream 22 cables from Crystal Cable.

He mentions - "Future Dream 22 has been able to interpret loud and powerful voice. The key point is that there is no seasoning. The reason for clear communication is that the conductor does not have the influence of high impedance and impurities, and quality is absolutely paramount."

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Infinity - Limited Edition

Diamond Series 2

Future Dream 22

Art Series

Portable Duet Series

Minissimo Forte

Arabesque Minissimo

CCi Amplifier


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  • Diamond 2 Series
  • Future Dream 22
  • Artseries


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  • Piccolo2 Interconnect cable
  • Micro2 Interconnect cable
  • Reference2 Interconnect cable
  • Ultra2 Interconnect cable

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