To truly understand the importance of a conductor in an audio cable, you first need to understand why cables do what they do. The fact that the precious audio signal travels through cables for about 80% of the time and distance demonstrates the importance of cables in a high-end audio system. The function of an audio cable is to transmit the signal through your system as purely and transparently as possible.

Take the example of a road pavement. Tarmac drives the smoothest since it is made of one piece. Bricks are the second-best choice and cobblestones the worst, since the transition from one cobblestone to another has the biggest height difference. The height difference in road pavements is like micro-distortions in an audio conductor, causing the loss of signal and consequentially a less smooth signal path through your system.

The distortion of sound

Silver and copper function as conductors in most audio cables. However, both these conductor materials suffer from micro-distortion, caused by the layers of oxidation or contamination between atoms and metal crystals. These discontinuities are the reason behind tiny shifts in electrical behavior and signal transmission that disturb the sound coming out of your hi-fi system. Eliminating these boundaries and voids in the crystal silver structure would eliminate the micro-distortions of the signal. That is where the decades of research we conducted into conductor materials and metallurgic science become relevant.

Crystal Cable: Filling in the blanks

After years of research into metallurgical properties, silver was found to be the best material to conduct the signal through an audio system. But even a conductor as pure as silver contains microcracks that cause distortion of the signal.


Our Research & Development team invented an ingenious proprietary process to drastically minimize the negative effects of these microcracks in cable conductors. By injecting pure gold into the silver microcracks during our forging process, the boundaries and voids in the silver structure are filled. Like a smooth pavement causes less distortion of the chassis and thus provides a smoother ride, the smooth silver-gold alloy provides less distortion and thus a smoother signal path.

Infinite Crystal silver

The only thing better than to fill up the boundaries and voids in the silver crystal structure with gold is to have a conductor with no microcracks at all. To do this, our engineers created a conductor of extremely rare and precious materials that eliminates the microcracks that are present in regular silver conductors altogether. Our Infinite Crystal silver conductors are one solid silver core from start to finish, giving your audio signal the smoothest ride possible.



Layers of oxidation and contamination between atoms and metal crystals cause the qualities and unique properties of regular cable conductors to depreciate over time. Our silver-gold and Infinite Crystal silver conductors prevent oxidation by filling in the boundaries and voids in the silver structure. This causes the unique properties and qualities of our conductors to improve, instead of depreciate as time passes.

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