Diamond Series 2 Reference Loom review by Soundstage Australia

Diamond Series 2 Reference Loom Review by SoundStage Australia

The Crystal Cable Diamond Series 2 Reference Loom received a stellar review from SoundStage Australia, and it's nothing short of amazing!
Steven states that "I'm thoroughly impressed by the DS2 Ref cables' impact on my listening experience. It’s like I’ve moved my seating position forward, effectively dampening the room's acoustics, which gives the music and vocals a more responsive and prominent presence – yet the retrieval of information is not forced upon you. I’ve established a stronger connection with my speakers, though without any physical movement, they still seamlessly meld into the performance."
He also added "...I was fortunate to encounter the Diamond Series 2 Reference cables' constructive collaboration, from the power cable to the speakers' output – I would not have heard their complete attributes otherwise. I am incredibly impressed by the impeccable signal fidelity, unparalleled synergy and exceptional sound they contributed to my system – a truly immersive experience."
This exceptional piece of precious metal technology is setting new benchmarks in performance, and Steven couldn't be more impressed. If you're serious about your music, this is a must-read review.

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