The Crystal Cable Classics

Since 2004 Crystal Cable has been on a continuous journey to perfect high-end audio systems, in respect of music reproduction, aesthetic beauty and ease of use. We began by manufacturing audio cables – still our core expertise – but the ongoing need to improve, innovate and develop high-end audio has also inspired us to pursue endeavors in other fields. Loudspeakers, electronics and constant innovation in our cable designs have led to new ranges that replace what we now call “classics”. More than just historic products, they are milestones that should be remembered.

The same philosophy in all our ventures

When a great musician shapes a note, a phrase, or a movement, it is all about time and place, amplitude, and attack. Crystal Cable’s technology, materials, and construction strive to preserve not just pitch and harmonics, but also the purpose and intent in the playing – the human element that engages and communicates. We have never lost sight of the need to ensure that our products are fashioned for people’s lives and living environments. Be it cables, loudspeakers or electronics, this philosophy has always been the starting point of all our ventures in high-end audio.

The Classics

Arabesque Glass Master

The arabesque shape, simulated in Comsol and made of natural glass, is highly suited to loudspeaker cabinets. Its irregular form without the typical parallel walls makes for perfect sound with wide dispersion, in every possible room environment. There is no need to use damping material, and this helps to retain the dynamics and speed of the drive units. The specific shape brings tremendous advantages to a loudspeaker housing. Most important is the way it guides the sound from the rear of the loudspeaker cones towards the friction port in the tail section of the cabinet. Moreover, the reflections inside the cabinet do not influence sound quality. Therefore, no acoustical damping is needed, greatly improving the impulse response of the speaker.

The Arabesque Glass Master loudspeaker recreates the original recording better than ever before. Just like the musical masterpieces reproduced so effortlessly, it represents the result of almost obsessive attention to every tiny detail in its design and construction. It leaves no stone unturned in its quest for a perfect musical performance.

Arabesque Mini

Whereas the Arabesque Glass Master set new standards of musical performance, the sophisticated construction of its complex plate glass cabinet made it very expensive to manufacture. Therefore, we set out to offer the benefits of the Arabesque integrated system solution at a more affordable price, in a speaker that was smaller and easier to accommodate. The Arabesque Mini was the answer.

A sophisticated modelling technique was used to optimize the mechanical and internal behavior of a compact space-frame enclosure. This was constructed from milled aluminum plates. For the performance within the smaller baffle height to be maintained, a beryllium dome tweeter was selected. Last but not least, the stand functions were created as an integral part of the design, ensuring optimum mechanical termination and visual integration.

Arabesque III

The Arabesque™ III is an elegant floor-standing loudspeaker with a compact footprint. By design it matches almost any room, both aesthetically and acoustically. The arabesque shaped anodized aluminum housing has all of the properties that make the Arabesque™ series of loudspeakers unique: aesthetically pleasing, easy to place in any living space, and highly musical.

This is a genuinely state-of-the-art, high-end loudspeaker - a milestone in craftsmanship as well as a fine piece of art. Extremely well built and elegantly designed, it adheres to the Arabesque™ philosophy of combining high-end music reproduction and aesthetics without compromise. To be fully appreciated, it really must be seen and heard.

Diamond Series

The Diamond Series embodies the ultimate audio expression of our philosophy. All cables in this series feature a patented metallurgical process that injects pure gold in between silver crystals. A unique breakthrough in the high-end audio market, this advanced metallurgy was developed by, and exclusively for, Crystal Cable and Siltech.

The silver-gold central core is helically wound and has two thin layers of low-loss, ultra-rigid Kapton by Dupont® insulation. Consequently, dielectric loss and mechanical intermodulation are reduced. A silver screen is covered in a minimalist Teflon® jacket to create the most perfect construction possible.

This makes for unexpectedly thin and flexible cables which are virtually all conductors, with the least possible insulation and the lightest sonic fingerprint. Flexible and with a full array of distinct qualities, the cables within this series are aesthetically pleasing, refined, and elegant. The size of every Diamond cable makes it ideal for any kind of room, and its quality lets you enjoy high-resolution music to the fullest.

Dream Series

The Crystal Cable Dream Series employs pure monocrystal silver conductors. We have perfected the art of creating the best conductors where each solid-core wire is a single, continuous crystal structure, eliminating crystal boundaries – and the micro-distortions that go with them. The monocrystal technology used in these cables was specially developed to match the mechanical and sonic requirements of Crystal Cable's coaxial construction design.

The best core conductors are only part of the story, however; it is how they are used that determines the performance. Crystal Cable developed a unique coaxial construction, wrapping the conductor in two thin layers of incredibly hard, low-mass Kapton by Dupont® insulation, further covered with advanced, low-loss Teflon. The result is minimal insulation material and superb mechanical behavior. Two shields are employed; one in silver-plated monocrystal copper, the second in gold-plated monocrystal silver to protect the delicate signal from outside interference. Every element of the cable is dedicated to passing the low level audio signal with as little interference as possible. For us, this was the realization of a dream, the perfect cable we had been working towards for years.

15th Anniversary Future Dream Series

In 2019, Crystal Cable proudly introduced the 15th Anniversary Future Dream series, a limited-edition cable range using new hybrid technology, combining the best of two proprietary materials: monocrystal silver and silver-gold alloy.

The new revolutionary hybrid material mix delivers a warm, uniform soundstage while maintaining Crystal Cable's core characteristics: transparency, plenty of detail, balanced base, and exceptional neutrality. The interconnects, speaker cables, and power chords all used a 4-coaxial conductor construction, insulated by the best available foil, Dupont Kapton® and Teflon®.

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