Musical gift

Musical gift


Birthdays, St. Nicholas, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries - celebrating is fun. Reflecting on achievements, coming together on traditions connects and inspires. 

A celebration often includes presents and flowers, writing a poem or singing a special song. Preparing for a party is already fun - planning, arranging, thinking about what the birthday boy or girl would like the best, how to make an anniversary unforgettable. 

Sometimes we have a longer time frame to celebrate something, such as an anniversary year. 

A company, an association or sports club pauses at so many years of existence, thinks back and looks forward. It is very nice to see the growth, thinking back to the start, to achievements, funny moments and also to difficulties. 

Reliving the road to today, celebrating now and already planning the future. 

We as a company are in a kind of continuous celebration mode. Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of one of our brands, this year we get to look back on 20 fantastic years of the other. 

As I said, celebrating often involves gifts, to get - and sometimes to give. 

We get lots of love, attention, sweet messages and help in making anniversary plans come true. This year we also want to give - to share the joy of celebration, to make people happy.

Music is the most important thing in our work.

It is the source, guide and purpose - and outside of work it is relaxation, pleasure and comfort, an indispensable part of our lives.

 Listening, learning and playing music should be a matter of course for everyone. For children it is essential to be exposed to music as early as possible - listening, singing, learning to play an instrument and making music together.

 In this festive anniversary year, we are going to try to help as many children as possible who do not have the opportunity to have music lessons. We are going to make sure that they can borrow an instrument and learn to make music together.

 We can't do this ourselves - there is an organization that has been committed to this cause for more than 15 years: Het Leerorkest. 

Music brings people together; it is international.

Language, skin color, religion or origin plays no role, making music together is fun, relaxation, peace and comfort.


 'Het Leerorkest', which translates to 'The learning Orchestra', makes it possible for many children to learn about music, choose an instrument, take lessons and play together in an orchestra.

In our anniversary year, we will be working closely with Het Leerorkest.

Organizing events, connecting musicians, colleagues, friends in our network in the Netherlands and abroad with our goal:

bringing music into the lives of as many underprivileged children as possible.

Het Leeroorkest
Written by
Gabi Rynveld
Founder of Crystal Cable

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