Crystal Cable at 2024 Beijing International Audio Exhibition

We are once more excited to meet all our music lovers and enthusiasts at the 2024 Beijing International Audio Exhibition.

­čôů Event Dates: May 31st to 3rd June 2024

­čôŹ Location: Beijing Audio Industrial Park

Room: 10-09

After the Global Introduction of the Infinity Power Cable at the High End Munich Show, Crystal Cable is ready to showcase the power of infinity at the Beijing Show with Avantgarde, Innuos and Audio Research.

There will be press conference, listening sessions and many more exciting events.

We invite you to be part of this musical celebration and listen to the 20th Year limited edition, Infinity Power Cable!

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Infinity - Limited Edition

Diamond Series 2

Future Dream 22

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Portable Duet Series

Minissimo Forte

Arabesque Minissimo

CCi Amplifier


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  • Diamond 2 Series
  • Future Dream 22
  • Artseries


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  • Piccolo2 Interconnect cable
  • Micro2 Interconnect cable
  • Reference2 Interconnect cable
  • Ultra2 Interconnect cable

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