Subissimo is a unique ultra-performance, low-bass system that is typically innovative, in true Crystal Cable tradition. Unlike other heavily equalized subwoofer systems that try to bend the laws of physics, attempting to squeeze ever more bass out of smaller and smaller boxes (and ending up with a bottom-end that simply sounds forced, detached, processed and unnatural), the Subissimo accepts that naturally communicative bass needs volume to work and breathe. Its innovative topology and high-tech sandwich construction cabinet focuses on visual elegance rather than attempting invisibility.

In a world where subwoofers are big and often not too appealing to the eye, the Subissimo is an unobtrusively elegant and adaptable solution to the challenge of reproducing full-range music at home. Used individually or in pairs, it integrates as perfectly with the Arabesque Minissimo as it does with your home décor.


At the same time that we were developing new innovations for the Arabesque Minissimo, we were also working on the revolutionary sub-bass system that would become the Subissimo. We were determined to make these two ground-breaking products integrate simply and seamlessly. A subtle machined rebate in the speaker’s base accepts a specially selected compliant mat, sealing the downward firing port and perfectly tailoring the Arabesque Minissimo’s response for use on a shelf. The natural rubber mat also acoustically isolates the speaker if it is placed on top of the Subissimo, but we still wanted more control over the low-frequency output to allow perfect integration. By using the bi-wired inputs on the satellites in conjunction with the Crystal Cube Integrated amplifier, with its configurable low-frequency roll-off and separate sub-bass outputs, we were able to create a perfectly matched, compact, curvaceous yet genuinely full-range speaker system. A system that matches the astonishing musical and aesthetic integrity of the Minissimo speakers.

The Subissimo Build

Consider for a moment the importance and cost of a high-quality line-stage to system performance. How many of the active crossovers used by conventional sub-woofers match that level of performance? But that’s exactly what they should do if they are going to successfully integrate their bass output with the rest of the system. Therefore, the Subissimo uses a passive crossover at its input, as well as setting its drivers high in the cabinet walls, away from unwanted room reflections and reinforcement that risk smearing and colouring the low-frequency output. The result is a low-colouration sub-bass system of unmatched neutrality that can be seamlessly integrated with any high-quality speaker system, setting new standards in low-frequency reproduction.

Cabinet & Drivers

Horizontally opposed 13” drivers are arranged in a force-cancelling configuration, each driven by its own independent power amplifier. Rather than using electronic equalization to extend low-frequencies it is instead employed to compensate for non-linearity’s and variations in the drivers themselves. This perfectly matches their outputs, minimizing the energy they feed back into the cabinet. The enclosure itself is a curved wall composite construction that is carefully tuned. Comsol modelling software was used to absorb and dissipate the drivers’ unwanted mechanical output before it can accumulate and feed back into the acoustic output, distorting timing, pitch and textural information.

Technical Specifications

Drivers: Two 13” long throw paper cone units in a force-cancelling configuration

Amplifiers: Two 600 Watt power amplifiers, one for each driver.

Lower frequency response in room: -6dB at 16Hz

Crossover frequencies: 35Hz, 40Hz,45Hz, 50Hz, 55Hz, 60Hz, 65Hz, 70Hz @ 12dB / Octave and 35Hz, 70Hz, 120Hz @ 24dB / Octave

Phase switch: 0 or 180 degrees

Max SPL: 120dB

Additional specs

Input connectors: Stereo low level RCA an XLR, stereo high level 4 mm banana

Weight: 72 Kg (159 lbs.)

Dimensions: W x H x D 405 x 815 x 580 mm (16”x 32” x22.8”)

Supplied accessories: Mains lead, 6 adjustable feet

When the pearl white Minissimo and Subissimo arrived at our audition room, their streamlined shapes and first-rate finishes looked just like two pieces of art.

Lincoln Cheng, Audio Technique

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