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Crystal Cable for portable applications.

The emergence of portable high-resolution file replay systems combined with rapidly advancing headphone performance has created one of the most sonically exacting markets. The superb conductivity, shielding and high-tech insulation materials used by Crystal Cable are perfect for the low-signal level and low-power applications which are typical in portable audio systems. This resulted in a co-branding initiative with Astell&Kern, manufacturers of the World's best portable players. It uses Crystal Cable’s technology and materials to create a unique set of cables. It started with the Crystal Cable Piccolo Portable range. And now, new sonic standards are set with the Crystal Cable Next series.

Each cable is precisely stripped and trimmed before being skillfully hand-terminated by our experienced technicians, while market leader of portable and high-resolution replay technology Astell&Kern keeps close control over product distribution ensuring customers receive consistent, verifiable performance – every time. Astell&Kern has set the standard for portable audio performance and Crystal Cable Next has matched that standard, bringing all the technology and musicality that Crystal Cable is recognized for to the ultra critical portable sector. Crystal Cable Next is available exclusively through Astell & Kern.

You can read more here: www.astellnkern.com and here: www.crystalcablenext.com
PEF22 (MMCX)                                                                             PEF23 (Custom IEM 2-pin)
PEF16 (Piccolo Diamond Portable Cable                               PEF15/PEF14 (Piccolo Diamond RCA Cable)
PEF13 (Piccolo Diamond Stereo Cable)                                 PEF12/PEF21 (Balanced Cable by Crystal Cable)                 


2016 TAS Munich report CC Next
2016 TAS CC Next
2016 CES report by Soundstage


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Please contact your local distributor for all information regarding Crystal Cable products. If you have doubts about the authenticity of one of our products please send us an email below.

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