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New! Arabesque Minissimo Scala.


Munich's Highend 2016 was the perfect place to introduce a new addition to our Arabesque Minissimo loudspeakers, Minissimo Scala! Crystal Cable’s Arabesque Minissimo loudspeakers have received a lot of praise in international press. Not just for their unique powerful and realistic sound but also for their ability to give great results in many different types of rooms and diverse range of recordings. Always innovating and searching for improvements, our engineers came up with a brilliant solution to further optimize the radiation pattern.A spatial form placed on top of the existing Minissimo loudspeaker…the Scala.

Scala - as in a musical scale, a gamut or the famous Milanese opera house is a well fitted name for a new addition which improves the Minissimo’s ability to perform like live music in various room types even further.



The Scala’s 3D shape is precision machined from a solid die of aluminum. The staircase shape is modelled by our engineers using advanced Comsol physics. Its acoustic behavior is also modelled carefully to further improve the sound of Minissmo series loudspeaker.

 A version that will be applicable to a wider range of speakers from other manufacturers is in the works and will be available soon.


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