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Decades of research prove that you must use the best materials to make cables that not only deliver superb sound quality, but are also durable, reliable and easy to use. We therefore take great care in selecting the materials we use.

Our Materials


The purpose of a cable in an audio system is to transmit the signal from source to loudspeaker as purely as possible. Consequentially, the purity of the metals used for our conductors is of the highest importance.

The best electrical conductor is pure silver, which is why all our cables are silver based. The Diamond Series 2 cables are equipped with our proprietary silver-gold conductors of the highest purity injected with 24 carat gold. The gold is injected during our forging process to fill the microcracks in the silver structure. Our Future Dream 22 series and flagship Art Series feature extremely rare and precious Infinite Crystal silver conductors of the highest purity, where microcracks are not even present in the first place.

The result: Conductors with superior conductivity, which are - literally and figuratively - the core of the musical performance of our cable series.



Good cables must keep electrical noise out by using a fence around the conductor, called the shielding. In short, this is a braided layer around the core of the cable. The shielding in Crystal Cable products is either made of silver-plated copper or Infinite Crystal silver, ensuring that external interferences of the signal are decreased to the absolute minimum and that the signal path of your system is as pure as can be.



The most important role of insulators in a cable is to avoid the movement and bending of the conductor inside the cable, preventing Micro Movement Distortion, and upholding the distance between the core and the shielding of the cable. As insulation materials, we use DuPont Kapton and Teflon, which are both extremely hard and therefore very difficult to bend or break. In addition, their high melting point of over 300°C and 400°C guarantee that high amounts of voltage can pass through the cables without any issues. These excellent electrical and mechanical properties not only make Kapton and Teflon the strongest and best isolators available, but the very high melting point and high voltage breakdown rating also ensure our cables are safe products in practical use, despite their compact size.


Poor connectors can undermine even the best conductor technology and cable construction. The signal not only passes through the conductor of the cable, but ultimately also through the connectors that are plugged into the power source, amplifier or loudspeaker. Connectors made of the best materials are not a luxury, but are essential for a transparent and smooth transmission of the audio signal.

That is why Crystal Cable develops its own connectors, or sources the best connectors with care, which are then customized to fit our standards. All of our connectors have either copper, silver or gold plated silver contacts to ensure the best possible conductivity from start to finish.

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