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The Ultimate Dream

From engineering to Art

The journey of engineering and listening tests to achieve a balance in sound is a long one - leaving all compromises behind. Every new cable with new materials and configurations has to be tested with various audio equipment to find its weakness.

For our engineers it was a challenge to make a new concept in cable design, a special configuration eliminating magnetic distortion so it would flawlessly work its magic in every audio system.It meant improving Crystal Cable’s already unique all-monocrystal technology which resulted in the ABSOLUTE DREAM and DREAMLINE PLUS series....

Through extensive research in magnetic field behaviour, modelling with sophisticated Multiphysics software (Comsol®) and using the best ultra-pure rare earth conductors our engineers created a revolutionary level of performance and sound.

With THE ULTIMATE DREAM Crystal Cable has created a new flagship series which incorporates the highest level of technical advancements and construction, to provide unrivalled sound quality and purity.

THE ULTIMATE DREAM delivers in every respect; the use of six conductors has made such an impact to the overall sound that it is not just an elevation of the monocrystal experience. Listening to music becomes life-like, cleaner, more detailed and there seems to be so much more of it. Our engineers’ dream has come true... once again.

Download THE ULTIMATE DREAM folder.

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