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The Crystal Cable Monocrystal Silver Conductor – The Gold Standard For Signal Transfer 

Crystal cables have always been recognized for the purity of their sound, the lack of grain or overhang, smearing or exaggeration. 

Conventional wires suffer from micro-distortion, caused by the build up of pockets or layers of oxidation or contamination between atoms and metal crystals. These discontinuities are responsible for tiny shifts in electrical behavior and signal transmission, small shifts that are only too audible as grain overlaid on the music or a lack of rhythmic confidence.  

The original Crystal cables used sophisticated metallurgy to create an advanced silver-gold alloy that substituted gold atoms for the voids or junctions in the silver crystal matrix, delivering fantastic purity of sound as well as consistency and longevity of performance. But what could be better than filling those voids? Eliminating them altogether! Crystal Cable has finally perfected the art of creating monocrystal silver conductors in which each solid-core wire is a single, continuous crystal structure, completely eliminating crystal boundaries and voids – and the micro-distortions that go with them. For us, this technology was the realization of a dream, the perfect conductor we’d been working towards for years. The challenge then was to make it into a dream that you could share…

Dreamline Plus Absolute Dream The Ultimate Dream


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